wimpdick flowered sissy pants! Findom Femdom

findom, sissyboy

wimpdick is going to get in shape so he can live a long time working and financially serving HER HOLINESS PRINCESS SIERRA!  Every day he will be dressing up in his lucky sissy running pants and jogging. he also ordered another pair of longer yoga…

Princess Sierra puts wimpdick in chastity device.

Findom Chastity Training

Princess Sierra locks wimpdick in chastity!  he’s crying his little eyes out but he spent more money than ever!!  This silly sissy ended up wearing it for almost 3 months straight! he sent ME this picture one night and I almost keeled over…

wimp dick gets butt fucked for the first time!


written by wimpdick OK, viagra usa find this guy had answered an ad from years ago that PRINCESS made me post online offering to suck dick. i began emailing him again a few weeks ago when PRINCESS again told me i would be…

sir wankalot’s cocksuck adventure

forced to suck

  Written by sir wankalot  Wow… what a night that was. after GODDESS and i rearranged my chastity device this evening, generic cialis pharmacy i was feeling super lovey dovey for PRINCESS and wanted to do something to make HER happy. Unfortunately, as…

wankalot’s chastity device experience


For anyone who hasn’t been following, buy viagra sovaldi here’s a quick recap. it all started with the wild wild wallet rape almost a month ago. i enjoyed being brainwashedand manipulated so much that i never wanted it to end, cure but i…

fagarella’s adventure — fact or fiction?

I took a Taxi cab from my place to Club80 as soon as I left Your chat with me. I was nervous but drunk which gave me the courage. When I got to the door of the club I was expecting it to…

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sissy feminization, milking and cum-eating

New gallery over at FemDom Empire !  sissy milking and humiliating cum-eating!  

sissyboy fed cum

Do my eyes deceive Me or is this shackled Fairy being forced-fed used rubbers!  ewww! sissyboy meets sissyboy and Mistress forces them to put on a sick tranny sex show.   See the rest of this gallery here.

black boy gets strap-on by English Mistress

Mistress at the English Mansion restrains and anally fucks this helpless victim.  Click to see more photos and video preview of this slave’s bung rape!


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  • A Future Forever Serving your Queen!
    (function() { var po = document.createElement("script"); po.type = "text/javascript"; po.async = true; po.src = "https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js"; var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); })(); Today rat bastard sent $700! Hurray!  he and his little sidekick, pocket mouse called ME on the phone this afternoon!  pocket mouse was squeaking so loudly because he couldn’t wait to watch rat […]
  • Worship ME All Day!
    pigsnot sent $800 yesterday!!  $500 for HRC and $300 for ME!  pigsnot also sent $500 right before the New Year!  pigsnot!! We fucking love taking your cash, you crusty dick-booger!!  HRC laughed HER ass off when I handed HER $500 from you.  $500 from senor doggy.  $600 from toejamjam! he bought My Wife’s well-worn slippers […]
  • Nothing like a Holiday Wallet Rape!
    rat bastard Christmas Special!  rat bastard cleaned out MY Wishlist yesterday!!  he bought over $550 worth of winter parkas! Parka #1  Parka #2 Over $500 worth of sweaters!!  $350 of Hotel gift cards!!  $100 Eddie Bauer Gift card! $60 Netflix Card!  Expensive long underwear! A $60 Honey Jar and a sauce pan!  On top of […]
  • Findom for the Holidays!
    It’s freezing! Guess what that means!?  So many shopping opportunities! Puffies, parkas, long underwear and snow boots! pigsnot sent $500!  I love collecting all his cash!! mrobot activate! **Get this for HRC for Christmas!**! LUMINOX Watch for HRC **  High priority item purchased by fred Eddie Bauer Trapper Hat L/XL Ryan Michael Sweater size L  […]
  • senor doggy comes out of hiding!
    $1700 from senor doggy today!!!  he has been hiding for at least 3 years. Check out this photo!  I literally rolled around on the floor laughing because this photo was so ridiculous and I was giddy from the wallet rape.   BEST DAY EVA! Another old timer, george popped up and sent $200.  This guy had […]