written by wimpdick

OK, viagra usa find this guy had answered an ad from years ago that PRINCESS made me post online offering to suck dick. i began emailing him again a few weeks ago when PRINCESS again told me i would be sucking more cock for not contributing as much as i should be. Anyway, cialis generic generic i sent pics, advice the guy was turned on and kept pushing to meet. i kept putting it off because, well, sucking cock takes a lot out of me every time i do it and don’t find it very appealing. Finally, in a moment of weakness, and with a strong desire to please and amuse Princess, i agreed to meet. He had me book this cheap, dirty motel room and get ready for him.

He told me he liked bare, shaved legs, miniskirts and high heels. In fact, he said he didn’t want body hair anywhere on me. He also said he wanted to fuck me. i told him i didn’t think i was ready for this, but agreed to suck his dick. i also shaved my legs, but didn’t want to shave all my body hair. i thought i would wear a bodysuit to hide my chest hair.

So, i went to the motel and checked in. i sent him a text saying i would need an hour or so to get ready. i wore a black bodysuit, miniskirt and high heels. i also had on a wide purple stretch belt. i put on makeup and a blonde wig. i was really nervous, but i knew i had to do this to please my Princess. i texted him that i was ready. He was at the door 5 minutes later, with two bottles of wine! He poured glasses for us and we began chatting about what he liked. He stared at me, looking me up and down. it made me feel uncomfortable, but this was not my first time with a guy and so i wasn’t as nervous or turned off as i was the first time. i also was drinking the wine quite quickly to calm myself down and i could feel myself getting tipsy. He started telling me about how much he wanted to fuck me and told me i would enjoy it as well. i finally said “ok” (probably because of the wine!), but before we started, i asked if i could take a pic of his dick in my mouth (Princess told me to get pics). That was his cue… He unzipped his pants and lay back on the bed. i took my phone and put his cock in my mouth. i looked at the camera and took a couple of pics for Princess. As soon as i put the phone down on the nightstand, the guy seemed to change into an animal. He slammed my head down on his cock so hard that i gagged and nearly vomited. He plugged my nose, so it was hard to breathe. He made me suck his balls and lick his ass…. yech! Then, he grabbed my hands and pulled my arms forward- quite violently again and it felt like he might pull them out of their sockets. He put his cock back in my mouth. He wrapped his legs around my neck to increase the downward pressure as his cock slammed into the back of my mouth and went down my throat. Gagging and nose running, my eyes teared up and i was trapped in this “headlock” as he kept thrusting his cock into my mouth. After what seemed like an hour (probably only 10 minutes) of this “skullfucking”, he let me go and got up. Exhausted, i lay down on the bed on my stomach, with my arms still outstretched, trying to gasp and catch my breath. i didn’t have long- he had only paused to put on a condom. He pulled up my miniskirt, moved my bodysuit to the side, slapped my ass and said “get up!” i got to my knees and suddenly, i felt his hands on my shoulders, pulling the top of my bodysuit down. He pulled all my clothes down past my waist, and soon, my skirt, my belt and my bodysuit were in a knot down at my knees, as i fell forward onto the bed again. The long sleeves of my suit were pulled down to my wrists. Soon, with one final violent motion, he pulled all my clothes off and threw them on the floor. I was wearing only my high heels. He was soon on top of me, pulling my ass up and he thrust his cock in. I had never felt so much pain in my life. i yelped and said something like “slow down, please!” and finally “Stop!” He said “shut up” and pushed my face down into the mattress. He pumped me so violently, i thought i might pass out. After a few moments, i felt my asshole unclench and it didn’t hurt as much. he continued for a few more minutes, and then withdrew. Again, i was heaving with exhaustion. He turned me over onto my back, knelt down beside me, took the condom off and thrust his cock into my mouth. He fucked my mouth a few more times. Just before he came, he took it out so he could squirt it on my face. After he shot his load on my face, he rubbed it around and stuck his fingers into my mouth and told me to suck them clean. Then he rolled onto his back and said “Get a towel.” i stumbled to the bathroom and brought back a towel. He took it out of his hands and wiped himself clean. Then, without offering it to me, he threw it on the floor. He invited me to lie beside him and told me how much fun he had. Then he got up, showered and got dressed. He tossed some money on the bed to pay for the room and left. i lay on the bed for a few minutes, staring at the ceiling and stunned at what had happened. i realized i had just been butt-fucked for the first time and was too drunk to drive home. Feeling a little cold, i put my bodysuit on again and texted Princess to tell Her what had happened, hoping She would be pleased and amused. She was! She even let me call and tell Her all about it- even though i hadn’t tributed that evening. This made me realize- anyone who thinks Princess is all about the money is wrong- dead wrong. If You are a good slave and prove Your worth and loyalty over years, and are willing to sacrifice not only finances, but also Your spirit, body and mind, (and in my case even more than that!) She will take You on a journey unlike anything You had ever experienced. Yes, you have to pay a lot at the beginning and be respectful, obedient and patient to get Her to notice you, but once She trusts a slave, you realize there is so much more to being part of Princess Sierra’s world. There is no escape from Her, but She rewards those who go the extra mile for Her!


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