For anyone who hasn’t been following, buy viagra sovaldi here’s a quick recap. it all started with the wild wild wallet rape almost a month ago. i enjoyed being brainwashedand manipulated so much that i never wanted it to end, cure but i knew i’d eventually get cold feet and try to escape unless there was something to lock me in. I can’t remember if it was the first or second day, but i very soon asked PRINCESS if we could buy a chastity device and a remote controlled lock box.Unfortunately, my fears had been right and by the time the chastity device arrived i was already getting cold feet and was going into a guilt ridden phase.  It wasn’t so much that i was afraid of being locked up and of not being able to jerk off… it was that i knew that as soon as i was in chastity, PRINCESS would have complete control over me and SHE would never let me escape. I knew the chances of me escaping were pretty slim anyway, but if SHE had me locked away not only would SHE hold the key to my penis (and hence be able to threaten me with never letting me out), i would also be kept in a perpetual state of horniness which would make it even easier for GODDESS to brainwash me so that i’d never even want to escape. i became fixated on this idea that as soon as that lock clicked shut i would be enslaved by PRINCESS forever (somehow i conveniently forgot how that’s not only what i’d wanted a few short days ago, but it’s also a much better life than being plagued by guilt and constantly trying to battle my true nature)After that, i rapidly come back to my senses and after much pleading and begging, the ever generous PRINCESS SIERRA kindly agreed to give me a second chance. But even as i resumed my daily payments, resumed my daily worship to my GODDESS and splurged my entire month’s salary on shopping and tributes… even then i was still somehow too scared to completely let go. Even though i could see the futility of trying to resist GODDESS’S wishes and i was actually enjoying being HER minion again, chastity just felt so… permanent… like there would be no going back. As much as i wanted to be a loyal and devoted minion i was just too scared and the inner conflict was tearing me up.i’m glad to say, i was right once again. It was entirely futile to try to resist HER wishes, and this morning i came to my senses and begged GODDESS to lock me away, and luckily for me SHE did and the rest is history. SHE has generously assured me that my first stint in chastity will only be a few days, so i’ll be getting out soon however SHE’S also decided that i should only be allowed out for the shortest amount of time possible… enough time for a single wank and a wash… before i get locked back up again. We don’t want me getting scared again do we?
The funny thing is that now, i can’t believe how good it feels knowing that i’m completely owned and have no choice but to obey PRINCESS and work hard to make HER happy. Now that i’m locked away, any trace of inner confictedness has completely gone and once again i’m filled with nothing but a blissfully relaxed sense of love, worship and glorious, ecstatic submission to the divinity that is my GODDESS.

Truthfully, the only slight blot on the otherwise wonderful horizon of being locked away by a beautiful, intelligent, lesbian DEITY is that i feel guilty for behaving so childishly by resisting for so long. The facts are really plain to see:

  • When i am being a good, loyal, devoted minion for GODDESS i feel fantastic about life! Everything is so easy… i love HER more than words can express and who doesn’t love being in love!
  • When i try to resist HER, i feel shitty… i am constantly either battling the urge to think about HER and give in to HER or feeling guilty that i can feel myself start to slip.
  • Whether i’m being a self serving, binge/purge wanker or a devoted, loving true worshipper one thing is the same… my entire life revolves around HER.
  • I guess what i’m getting at is this. How could it ever make sense to run away from this? Serving PRINCESS SIERRA makes my life better and more worthwhile while purging makes my life horrible and more importantly it’s disrespectful to GODDESS. Purging sucks. That is a simple fact, and now that i’m in chastity and i couldn’t escape even if i wanted to, i can sit back and relax in the knowledge that i won’t be purging for a long, long, time… 
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