i have known about my fetishes since before i even knew what a fetish was.  my desire to be beneath a more superior Woman was something that i clearly was born with and something that i had discovered at a very young age.
It all began when i was in pre-school.  i attended pre-school at my synagogue where i was obviously in the majority as a Jew.  There was this girl that was bigger than me, clearly dominant, who i of course had an immediate crush on.  she happened to be one of the non-Jews to attend there and that somehow peaked my little perverted mind even more.  Everyday when we would have our recess time, she would be the ‘Queen of The Slide’ while me and my bff at the time would be her little servants.  i particularly remember her demanding us to go search for four leaf clovers so that she could make a wish, as well as her butting us in line for the slide then pushing us down when we got our turn.
This resulted in me being a young sandbox bitch, and i haven’t looked back since.


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