Haven’t got a thing to wear?
Well, discount viagra cialis you’re NOT going to be too popular with the boys dressed like that!  It’s time for you to start working on that hootchie whore wardrobe of yours. Spruce up your dull drab man-closet with frilly, cialis buy pills sexy, viagra trampy, girlie new duds, ya dud.

All sissies need a pair of stocking and garter belt and/or thigh-hi’s, sexy panties and bras.  Don’t be greedy and get a giant cup.  Fuck-me pumps are a must have.

What’s your color?
PINK, RED, WHITE and PURPLE.  Steer away from black..it’s far too sophisticated for you.  A little trashy tart like you needs to go for those more tootie-fruity colors.  What kind of message do you want to send out? “i’m a sissified and docile creampuff more suited for lacy panties and kneesocks?”  or “$20 dollah make you hollah–take me like a 2 dollar whore big daddy?” Pink and white send sissy signals.  Red and purple scream “cum queen.”  Just what kind of bitch are you?

What size of fuck-me pumps should i buy, Mistress?

Generally speaking, there is like 1.5 – 2 size differences between men and women shoe sizes.  With cheap or non-leather shoes better go 2 sizes to be safe.  If you wear a 10 in men’s get a 12 in women’s.  If you have really big wide feet, try opened toed and sling-back heels to allow for more room.  Who cares if you are uncomfortable in your shoes?  Women have been suffering for years in sexy shoes.  Be sure the heel is really high and slutty, but keep in mind if your Mistress plans on having you walk the streets you might try a 4 or 5 inch heel instead of jumping to a 7 incher.  7 incher…stop drooling bitch. There will be plenty time for that for you later, ho’!

Be sure to check the size charts when picking out your negligee and tramp wear.  G-string lean towards easier access for dildos and truckdriver dick.  When wearing g-strings be sure you keep your little sissyworm and sacks O’stupid tucked away safely and make sure nothing spills out on the sides.  Tape it down if that should happen.  “panty dandruff” is not an attractive thing, boys.<

What does Mistress like?
Some Mistresses prefer the total transformation look.  Many prefer fussy petticoats, ribbons, bows and girlie sissy dresses.  Other Mistresses just want you to look like a freak!  Find out what Mistress likes best.

Remember when you can’t make a choice between 2 outfits, ask yourself this question: “What will make me look the most stupid?”  Buy that one.

When choosing skin toned pantyhose always get darker tones like taupe, coffee or deep suntanned.  It’s super tacky.  Just like you.

Panties go on over the garters.  Put the panties on first and you’ll find yourself all tangled up if some horny hard-up gent  decides to take advantage of your used and abused man-gyna.

Think of it this way.  you are fast-food to these guys— and your asshole is the 99 cent menu special.  (Supersized in many of you guys’ case)  These pigs want in and out and FAST. They are going to drive up, shout their order out, drive on through, get what the want and speed on by.  In and out dining.  What you eat when your too lazy to fix a decent meal. That little bung of yours needs to be accessible and customer friendly.  you’re there to give quick service with a smile.

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